Is Losing Weight Really That Hard?

by: Heather Wise, March 18, 2014

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So that is the question, is it really that hard to lose weight? No. Ok, that was an easy article! :) Just kidding, but the answer is right. It really isn't that hard to lose weight. You simply have to watch what you put into your body and know how much you are expending throughout the day. If you put in too many calories and expend too little, you gain weight, and fortunately the opposite is true. Keep some of those calories out and bam, weight loss.

So why do so many people have problems losing weight?

First lets break up the "so many people" into two categories: those who have a hard time losing weight and those that have a medical condition that prevents their body from processing food normally. The first group I can help, the second will unfortunately have to look elsewhere for guidance as I am frankly not qualified to provide the information you need. Ok, so for those of us who have tried to lose weight and had a hard time it is usually caused by the ruleset that you placed on your diet, or the amount of exercise you are doing.

Dieting is a set of rules

Really and truly that is all that dieting is, is a set of rules that we choose to follow regarding the intake of sustenance. So what rules do you abide by? Is it the Chris Farley - "Anything Goes" ruleset:

Or maybe the Jillian Michaels ruleset? What rules are you following? Seriously take a look at the food in your diet and come up with the general ideas behind the rules. The rules you are following can be as simple as vegetables with every meal, or as complex as 60% Fat, 35% Protein, and 5% carbs. That is what this guy is doing

Now that you have the rules that you eat by. Decide if you can tweak these, are there elements of your ruleset where you can adjust and eat healthier. For instance if part of your current diet ruleset says 'when thirsty grab soda' than it is an easy fix, 'when thirsty grab some water'. Go through each of your rules and adjust those that should be adjusted to consume less sugar and less carbs.


Exercise doesn't have to be hard, strenuous or back-breaking to be effective. Take a walk around the block, go to the park, take a bike ride to the grocery store. The activity doesn't matter as much as the fact that during it you are moving constantly. We are looking for that Low Intensity but Long Lasting type of exercise. Something that keeps you on your feet for a long time. One good way to do that, as I mentioned before is with a Standing Desk. In fact reading the Varidesk reviews has made me think I should get one. Heck they are pretty cheap.


So that is it, know your rules, keep moving and keep losing weight!

Stand up and lose weight

by: Heather Wise, March 06, 2014

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I was reading The Ultimate Guide to Treadmill Desks and thought I would share some of my thoughts. Loosing weight may seem hard, but it can be as easy as just standing up. Especially if you set your goals properly. :) Standing and treadmill desks are a new convenient method for burning those pounds right off of you. You sit at your desk for eight hours a day rarely getting up and watching your life tick away. You want to loose weight but going to the gym is time consuming and quite frankly hard. Sitting around won’t do anything but standing desks present the opportunity for weight loss without changing the rest of your day. Standing desks have existed for hundreds of years, but treadmill desks are a relatively new invention. Seth Roberts, a professor of psychology at the University of California in Berkeley, is widely credited as the inventor of the desk in 1996. Standing desks have a storied history of use, with such greats as Ben Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci being users and proponents of it.

Both the standing desk and treadmill desk offer significant advantages over a standard seated version. The most obvious benefit is the additional energy one needs to burn to remain standing or walking. Merely remaining vertical for extended periods of time burns additional calories. The heart rate will increase by up to ten beats per minute while using just a standing desk – more if using the treadmill variety. Even the rather tame standing desk allows for you to burn up to 50 additional calories an hour or 200 calories a day if you only spend half of it standing. That’s about one cappuccino. If you decide to go with a walking desk the calorie burning benefits accumulate even faster. Typically you will want to keep the speed around two miles per hour since turning the gait up too high makes it difficult to actually do work. Even so, at only two miles per hour you can burn twice as many calories each hour according to a 2007 Mayo Clinic study. Even a relatively short time at the desk of three to four hours would result in you burning a hefty 300 to 400 calories.

Burning calories isn’t the only health benefit, studies have consistently shown that raising the heart rate for extended periods of time is vital to long term cardiovascular health. Several hours of walking a day ensure that your heart gets a work out regardless of how much you have in your inbox. Studies have also compared extended periods of times sitting to smoking cigarettes. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.

You wouldn’t be along in joining the standing and treadmill desk revolution. While ten years ago it was seen as a fad, whole companies have sprung up designing and building them now that the health benefits are apparent. People want to loose weight and taking time out of their busy schedule is difficult at best. Standing and treadmill desks offer a convenient, fun, and effective method for increasing your daily activity level, burning calories, and slimming up. All without spending an additional second out of your day to go to the gym.

Setting The Right Weight Loss Goals

by: Heather Wise, March 05, 2014

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The real battle with weight-loss could be the absence of sensible help. Weight loss assistance in today’s world is often a multi-billion dollar industry. Because of magic smoothies to magic pills fat reduction has developed into a nutritional system of late night t . v . re-runs to provide needy men and women a possibility at shedding one pound. It can be difficult to visualize that MacDonald’s profits over-shadow those of Weight Watches. Last yr by itself, Americans wasted 110 billion dollars upon weight reducing methods. Currently you don’t need to be considered a genius to realize the challenge here. We all may possibly shell out billions on weight reduction goods; however, we’re also still spending millions on take out. In the end, fat loss is all about decisions. All of us decide if you should lose fat or not, it’s that simple. The subsequent article may help help you to make the right decisions to reach your weight loss objectives.

Those who are chronically overweight are at higher risk of developing health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke plus much more. What is startling is that the speed of men and women getting to be chronically overweight these days is getting to epidemic proportions. In the end we can easily attribute this trend to several factors such as an exercise-free life style, fast-food restaurants and overindulging – the ultimate reason weight problems is present is simply because the majority of us decide to do absolutely nothing about it.

“You can’t run a race unless there is a finish line.” Its the same with weightloss, in the event you possess a specific target the likelihood of hitting your own mark is slim to none, pun intended. Your primary goal you decide on has to be specific and realistic. If your only goal is to be skinny, you won’t ever reach it, the goal has to be something tangible something real. While skinny in my eyes may be fat in someone else’s 10 pounds is the same to everyone. Wanting to be skinny is more of a hope than a goal. It is like hoping to be rich, well, that is great! What is your goal?

Let me make sure I set the record straight, having hopes to be skinny (or rich for that matter) is fine. In fact hope all night, I just want you to stop hoping during the day and take action. The action you take should be based on your goal, again, remember the goal should be realistic and specific. So let’s say that your goal is to lose 10 pounds by June 1st. That is a really good goal as it is both specific regarding the time period and the amount.

Now that you have the goal we can reverse-engineer the actions that need to be taken before that date comes around. 10 pounds by June 1st means 5 pounds by April 20th. It means .3 pounds a week. It means a calorie deficit of 800 calories this week. So if I want to eat that chocolate cake today, I have to run 5 times this week and burn 600 calories each workout. I better get started now!

See how the simple action of determining your goal and setting the time frame can result in action today, right now. That doesn’t happen with hopes as often they are seen as in the hands of someone else. Once you have set your goals and are working towards them, check out this article about using standing and treadmill desks to help speed up the process.